Gift our limited edition sock set— designed by Zoe Conde from Digga Australia — this Christmas and 100% of all net proceeds will go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.


Chronic underfunding of ovarian cancer research has resulted in a very low survival rate (49%*) compared to other cancers like prostate cancer (96%*) and breast cancer (92%*) which have benefited from a high level of awareness and funding. We believe it’s ovarian cancer’s turn.


1 woman dies every 8 hours from ovarian cancer*. Ovarian cancer is the most lethal reproductive cancer in Australia*.

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  • There is currently no early detection test for ovarian cancer.

  • As a result, around 70%* of women are diagnosed in the advanced stages where only 29%* are expected to live beyond five years.

  • Even if treatment succeeds in removing the cancer, there is an 80%* chance of remission. 

Since losing my mum in 2018 to ovarian cancer we’ve raised close to 400K for ovarian cancer research because we know research makes a huge difference in the fight against cancer.

Join us in the fight against ovarian cancer! Over 10,000* Aussies could be saved with an early detection test and better treatments and we're making it happen with Ovarian Cancer Socks.

This Christmas, we want you to think about a mum, aunty, sister, daughter or friend in your life and fight for them and their future by supporting this initiative. Your generosity means hope for the 1,800* Australian women diagnosed yearly. Order now at cancersocks.org 💙✨


Want to make an even bigger difference? Help us spread the word 🙌 Check out our get involved page for posters, bumper stickers, and more ways to spread the love! 💙✨

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Together, we CAN create a safer future for Australian women and girls diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

ZOE CONDE, CEO digga australia

“The grief of losing someone, let alone your mum, never leaves you.” 

It is my honour to be the inaugural Ovarian Cancer Socks Guest Designer to commemorate my incredible mum as well as advocate for a cause close to my heart so that other families are spared such an enormous loss.

I hope you too will support this cause by purchasing a set or two of Ovarian Cancer Socks for yourself or a loved one this Christmas and I’d truly appreciate your help promoting the campaign as well.

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* Data taken from Cancer Australia