About Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the most lethal reproductive cancer in Australia. Of the 1,815 Australian women diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year, only 889 of them (49%) will be alive five years from now. That's why we're partnering with the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation because their core focus is on the development and implementation of a reliable early detection program as well as improved treatments for women.

2023 Guest Designer

We warmly welcome Zoe Davies, Digga Australia CEO and daughter of former Digga Australia CEO and Managing Director, the late Suzie Wright, as the 2023 inaugural Ovarian Cancer Socks Guest Designer as she seeks to commemorate the life of her incredible mother as well as advocate for a cause close to her heart. This is her story.

Our Story

Created and launched by the team at Digga Australia — a leading Australian manufacturer of earthmoving equipment — Ovarian Cancer Socks is an annual fundraiser donating 100% of all net proceeds to much needed ovarian cancer research. Sadly, Digga Australia lost its CEO and Managing Director in 2018 after a short battle with ovarian cancer...

* Data taken from Cancer Australia