What is Ovarian Cancer Socks?

Ovarian Cancer Socks is an annual fundraiser selling a limited edition boxed sock set (three pairs of luxuriously soft bamboo cotton socks) with 100% of all net proceeds funding much needed cancer research into an early detection test and better treatments in the hopes of increasing the very low survival rates for patients.

Who is behind this fundraising campaign?

Ovarian Cancer Socks was created and launched by the team at Digga Australia, a leading Australian manufacturer of earthmoving equipment.

But why would Digga be selling socks to raise money for ovarian cancer research?

Sadly, Digga lost their CEO and Managing Director, Suzie Wright, in 2018 after a short battle with ovarian cancer. At the age of 48, having taken over the helm of Digga Australia and achieved a multitude of gains for the company, Suzie was diagnosed and passed away only 15 months later. She was only 49 years of age. Suzie left an indelible mark not only on the company but on the lives she touched. Her courage and determination inspired all. (Read more)

If ovarian cancer research was not so critically underfunded more women like Suzie would survive an ovarian cancer diagnosis. There’s a desperate need for an early detection test and better treatments so that one day survival rates are in the high 90 percentiles like breast and prostate cancers which have benefited from incredible awareness and funding.

To date, Digga has raised over $400,000 for ovarian cancer research and has launched Ovarian Cancer Socks this year in the hopes of bringing greater support and awareness to the cause for years to come.

The need is urgent. The time is now. Its ovarian cancer’s turn for better research funding.

Where is the money going?

100% of the net proceeds will go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF), Australia's leading independent body dedicated to ovarian cancer research. Costs incurred to design the sock, marketing material, paid marketing, website as well as managing the campaign is donated by Digga. Digga staff will donate their time to pack and ship sock orders. Net proceeds equals the retail price less the landed cost of the sock set and freight.

Is this fundraising initiative officially endorsed by the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation?

Yes! Digga Australia has permission to fundraise on behalf of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) who officially endorse the Ovarian Cancer Socks campaign for the purposes of fundraising. Read the full letter of endorsement here.

How much does shipping cost?

Based on our current rates with Australia Post we expect shipping cost to be as follows.

Australia Wide Flat Rate

1 Box Set | $10.70

2 Box Sets | $14.50

3 to 6 Box Sets | $18.20

7 or more – Contact us for pricing

Can I ship my order outside of Australia?

Not at this time, shipping is only available to Australian addresses.

When can I order my boxed sets?

You can order boxed sets anytime, while stock lasts.

When will I receive my order?

Average Aus Post shipping times apply, while stock lasts. If you have opted for pickup, your order confirmation email will have instructions.

What sizes are available?

The socks are ONE SIZE FITS MOST, so they will fit the average foot size of both men and women.

Are the socks made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials?

Yes! Bamboo socks are a much more sustainable option because they are made from a natural, renewable resource.

Are there gift wrapping options?

Yes! You will have the option to select a red gift ribbon ($2.50AU) &/or greeting card (no additional cost) with your own message, if you are sending your order as a gift.

* Data taken from Cancer Australia